Topic Modeling with Sherlock Holmes Stories

50 topics, 1000 iterations, 20 topic words printed:

1. Letter Writing: paper note read letter table book box letters papers written handed wrote writing sheet brought importance post write document address

2. Crime: police crime case night evidence murder death account occurred arrest unfortunate effect tragedy violence complete charge appeared reason terrible committed

3. Marriage: woman wife lady husband girl life maid love child married loved beautiful ferguson nature mistress women daughter heart america meet

4. Death: man heard young met found dead words poor knew death returned world fate died left impossible lost smith turn killed

5. Clues: found body returned examined showed ground carefully examination left attention deep marks signs brought edge traces weapon leaving feet ran

6. Physical Description (Male): face man eyes looked thin dark features tall expression appearance middle high pale figure set glasses gray keen clean bear

70 topics, 1500 iterations, 15 topic words printed:

7. Holmes in his chair: holmes sat chair fire pipe gave rose silence silent visitor seated cigar tobacco arm dropped

8. Rooms in a House: door room open opened key stood passage closed steps side locked step hall lock shut

9. London Finance: money business work hundred answered good pounds company asked thousand advertisement city price headed pay

10. Investigation Process: give facts person mystery impossible explanation theory find prove confess solution problem clear admit suggested

Mary Dellas


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