Topic Modeling: Sherlock Holmes Topics

1. Fatherly Advice to Son (20 topics, 2000 iterations)man make young time give life put miss understand thing hands told father words thought business heard money poor son
2. Facial Features (50 topics,3000 iterations)eyes face looked thin features lips dark tall figure set expression pale manner turned raised step companion glance drawn gray cold angry fixed astonishment handsome nose eager cheeks chin alert sharp bearing fierce emotion gleam spoke sprang brows advanced eyebrows colour pleasant shone gaunt brow glanced haggard flushed massive blue
3. Murder (30 topics, 2000 iterations)

found dead body death crime left murder police close attention finally struck blood part blow remained knife examination stick tragedy
4. Writing (40 topics, 5000 iterations)

paper table note letter read papers book letters box handed happened wrote written address write
  House Decor (50 topics,3000 iterations)house front large round side led window left garden windows small low standing lawn close houses lane high centre building huge gate iron wooden grounds narrow park trees chamber elderly lined walls doors upper ancient rain oak fashioned leads avenue appeared winding entrance century barred modern evidently brick surrounded plainly
6. Urgency (30 topics, 3000 iterations)instant heard suddenly open sprang back silence round sound cry rushed moment door forward horrible ran arms sudden dreadful sharp waited stepped slipped feet heels threw sight fell struck throat minute figure terror deadly brandy pain dashed scream appeared mouth breath ears wide horror surprise clad gentle broke joy twisted
7. Time (50 Topics,2000 iterations)morning street half day work hour gave left fellow lestrade answered mind clock station train minutes short past
8. Crime Scene (20 topics,1000 iterations)man night found inspector men dead colonel death crime london great person body reason called brought order evidence ten question
9. John Watson (50 topics,2000 iterations)watson case matter friend sherlock doubt dear interest remember facts remarkable client singular remarked fact present curious points absolutely cases
10.  Women (40 topics, 5000 iterations)

lady wife woman miss maid husband child easy mrs girl words beautiful young left daughter

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