Topic Modeling Sherlock Holmes Stories

All categories chosen from 50 topics with 1000 iterations:

1. morning night back clock waiting past early morrow quarter arrived
Title: time

2. paper note read letter table book handed letters written wrote
Title: writing

3. face eyes looked thin features lips figure tall dark expression
Title: physical features

4. woman lady wife husband life love girl child married maid
Title: household

5. black hair red hat heavy round broad centre coat dress
Title: clothing/accessories descriptions

6. found man dead lay body blood death knife lying round
Title: death/crime

7. give matter idea reason question impossible occurred absolutely explanation true
Title: interrogation/crime solving

8. face turned back instant hand sprang forward moment side head
Title: physical reactions

9. station train road carriage passed side drive reached drove hour
Title: transportation

10. light suddenly dark long caught sat lamp spoke silence silent
Title: darkness/mystery


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