Topic Modeling: Sherlock Holmes

50 topics, 1000 iterations, and 20 words printed

Articles of clothing/Garments: black red glass large coat dress centre top brown observe glasses faced dressed boots colour broad impression pair hat mark

Death: found dead body lay man blood death blow knife unfortunate terrible person lying finally cut weapon evidence constable remained wound

Case: case fact find facts points important mystery obvious curious theory remarked shown present problem confess afraid admit prove appears considerable

50 topics, 2000 iterations, and 50 words printed

House: house night room master bell attention bed asked servants alarm servant ring remained phelps walked butler drawing kitchen finally stay save rope thief scent coffee state joseph rang suspect smell dragged cover cellar burglar ill harrison instantly sounds scene french bound county form rest wished partly pull chamber mr ventilator

Crime Investigation: holmes mr inspector lestrade sherlock case yard detective opinion scotland arrest evidence prisoner official ready practical force quietly bank gregson remarked oldacre mcfarlane final joke absence credit finished rubbed warrant pleasure hands gentlemen norwood fail express suspicious bound wiser chuckled profession afford lucky attempted finds jonas rolled sense martin bradstreet

Employment: years money ago business time week hundred twenty made year thirty ten pay months friends age pounds thousand family england lived month large rich gold meet sum named weeks married honour terms check youth lives ruin paid reputation capital stepfather play fifteen summer stake settle buy bought market fortnight fifty

Crime Scene: made st found home lord police prepared walking matter simon minutes frank clothes occurred gentleman wedding free spoken clair lane conversation strange claim noble disappearance hand turned suddenly back looked quick coming eye caught appeared gave turning stood thin passed direction glimpse energy laid surprise knees shoulder ear fingers faces

60 topics, 1500 iterations, and 25 words printed

Evidence: small box examined large papers floor carefully examination inside cut top square iron carpet showed wooden furnished evidently lower contents central removed mantelpiece careful examining

Characterization: man face dark features tall looked expression pale middle manner appearance figure fashion cut keen clean glance beard gray thin lines handsome head pleasant alert

Body Parts and Reactions: eyes face hands voice cried lips shoulders sat turned air amazement sprang companion stared sunk raised sank eager instant shrugged cheeks staring astonishment angry breast

– Allyson Macci


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