Topic Modeling – My Found Topics

Using sets of 15 words.

My First Search – 1500 iterations of 50 topics

(Business and Labor) – business money hundred answered asked pay ten good pounds pocket thousand men worth company paid

(Holmes’ Office) – holmes chair sat table room fire back pipe sitting rose arm laid seated glanced books

(Emotional Shock) – cried hands head face voice thought man word shook suddenly amazement burst sank astonishment stared

My Second Search – 2000 iterations of 75 topics

(Place) – door room open opened key passage closed ran locked stood empty rushed stair steps stairs

(Crime) – crime night police occurred house tragedy violence murder made caused committed account barclay death appeared

(Foot Traffic) – path feet ground stood foot water direction walked fall end edge ran track marked grass

(Time) – day morning days evening hours work early clock breakfast week spent morrow arrived call meet

My Third Search – 3000 iterations of 30 topics

(Deduction) – watson case point dear make points curious facts doubt fact person possibly clear obvious surely

(Love and Matrimony) – woman lady wife life husband heart girl love mrs child married creature beautiful loved daughter

(Notes and Writing) – paper note read table hand pocket papers letter box book put handed written client writing


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