Topic Modeling for Sherlock Holmes

First, I tried my assignment with the computer just sorting them into 10 word categories. These were some of the results.

1. TIME- time, find, turn, hours, knowledge, matters, remarked, present, afternoon, problem

2. MORNING- morning, surprise, breakfast, early, sat, seated, fire, energy, finished, bright

3. NOTES- paper, note, book, read, wrote, sheet, written, writing, write, handed

4. INVESTIGATION- case, points, facts, interest, investigation, remarked, explanation, follow, solution, theory

5. TRANSPORTATION- train, station, carriage, morning, started, found, cross, time, journey, catch

6. CLUES- examined, showed, examination, carefully, cut, marks, bed, top, full, traces

7. CRIME- crime, police, case, evidence, murder, arrest, charge, tragedy, violence, murderer

Next, I updated it to 20 words per category, and I upped the amount of categories to 100! These were some of the best categories I found.

1. EVIDENCE- facts obvious clear person theory impossible explanation question idea perfectly mind means confess formed affair absurd probable possibly evident correct

2. RUNNING- door room open passage ran steps rushed led empty stair stairs pushed corridor foot tore seized feeling vague furniture running

3. CRIME- crime death murder occurred showed evidence scene tragedy violence terrible reason committed murdered moran murderer suspicion attempt criminal motive inquest

4. INVESTIGATION- case interest remarked interesting problem investigation remarkable events solution difficult clue find methods prove points give reasoning follow simple connection

5. MANLINESS- sat pipe fire laid smoke tobacco blue corner lit armchair cigar hung silent gas brandy smoked smoking comfortable shining bachelor

6. LOCATIONS- window room open bedroom moment looked sitting fire threw floor lawn garden alarm moving curtain drawn fired energy forget powder

7. WRITING- paper read note book handed table sheet papers slip written importance post piece pen page pencil tossed picked desk printed

8. TIME- years ago time twenty thirty months age year week lives ship forty voyage exposed dozen bought tongue boat popular families

9. TIMES OF DAY- night morning early clock breakfast morrow surprise sleep signs rest disappeared day slept watch midnight fault trail hopes news clearing

10. TRANSPORTATION- train station carriage cab drive waiting journey drove town cross started line follow fresh bridge reach passing hansom class reached


~Austin Carpentieri


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