Topic Modeling for Sherlock Holmes Short Stories

75 topics, 10 words, 500 iterations 


cried hands god face voice sake moment soul burst truth


night morning heard clock morrow bed early breakfast late waited

Finding a Body:

found dead man body blood knife lay stick carried sign

Losing Hope:

leave hope brought lost dear rest things true kindly wrong


important remarked case great evidence convinced shown show observed put

100 topics, 20 words, 1000 iterations


holmes pipe deal sat cigar tobacco short case smoke busy shining cigarette asked handed gas lit smoked smoking good clue

Facial Expressions:

face eyes turned looked lips sat pale expression fixed eager speak glass brow white horror staring turning emotion smile gleam


cried god voice sake hope words soul heaven speak heavens jack frightened swear suggestion truth heart despair manner aid quick

Breaking In:

room door key entered table side locked safe open opened lock left inside furnished bureau doors drawer naturally carrying ascended


night hour clock morning half past waiting ten morrow late twelve quarter eleven dressed vanished porter hurried sleep usual weary


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