Topic Modeling and Sherlock Holmes

Number of topics: 50 Iterations: 1000 Number of topic words: 20

Law Enforcement: horse dog colonel question master great heavy shown led john boy companion double straker lead stable stables stranger found silver

Time: years time lord ago twenty year thirty st months weeks made age subject simon great future sea peter ship business

Written Clues: paper read note word letter short written show wrote writing single sheet write post address handed slip message importance thumb

Emotions: mr holmes visitor assure smile desire beg glad relations carruthers gibson night assured consult town prefer laughed sit agitated reserve

Finances: good business money hundred deal asked pay play ten pounds thousand gold year paid give price firm hard sum worth

Action: instant suddenly turned light sprang coming caught heard forward threw fell sudden window back cry sight moment sound struck silence

London: london train station evening office papers reached west monday started line plans agent cross appointment report bridge carriage telegram journey

Travel: street half hour minutes back baker waiting cab quarter past passed ten hurried standing glad quiet start wait drive drove

Family: woman wife life husband girl lady heart love knew child married loved daughter ferguson nature soul terrible character women power

Investigating: left side examined showed corner finally square pointed carefully marks covered large books traces small wood inside evidently mark farther



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