Topic Modeling

60 topics, 1500 iterations, 25 topic words printed:

Topic: Household

years time ago week married family marriage thirty months live year age engaged twenty daughter situation lives carruthers living meet history month youth happy woodley

Topic: Emotions

good ah put word deal suppose feel don glad means thing laughed leave true mine takes kind heavens anger service fortune bye lead mistaken detail

Topic: Travel

train station carriage reached walk doubt gave start hotel passed town follow journey reach spoke bridge observed late catch started ready rapidly green cross hurried

Topic: Characterization

black eyes white hair face blue red dress heavy brown coat side mouth grey centre pair nose drawn thick hat forehead yellow broad faced suit

Topic: Dawn
morning day close full found visit absolutely country hat set change spent bird lie attention reading evil people nature acquaintance excitement town goose received drawn

Topic: Anecdotal

interest cases arthur friend sherlock public remarkable adventure problem present strange doyle case conan facts curious singular experience narrative details notes record long interesting events

Topic: Effeminate

lady wife woman maid left difficulty ferguson life girl mistress couple difficult forever nurse half devoted frances ill dear frightened coffin beautiful show longer notice

50 topics, 2000 iterations, 50 topic words printed:

Topic: Calligraphy

paper note read book table pocket papers hand short handed hopkins attention writing sheet post show eye rough slip drew baron page stanley pen pencil simply tossed held printed scribbled initials finished tea leaves worth volume desk knee added column reading trust pages folded excellent aloud arrange notebook torn gruner

Topic: Masculinity

father man time heard son young returned hudson mother mccarthy ship witness sea alive made peter game left boat captain estate cry trevor long quarrel carey dozen coroner return lay call turner concerned keeper warning word gun board jury farm rat hatherley securities sailor voyage considerably tale boscombe hearing seaman

Topic: Fright

light window dark suddenly looked coming round lamp black shadow spoke figure darkness stood corner empty heels moved silent moving shining whispered thrown emerged lantern yellow sudden sprang dashed low bushes ears watched vanished dim glancing half horrible bent gave band bar fear metal excitement burning deserted shone gleam flash


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