Topic Modeling

10 favorite topics from Mallet:

1)  Police

         crime inspector london police found murder evidence arrest charge tragedy proved violence   discovered present remained committed appeared bust trace person

2) Death

 man life poor strange heart told death creature died broke devil met terrible happened human wild loose killed telling terror

3)  Home

  room chair sat fire table sitting half pipe rose corner round lit arm lamp laid cigar tobacco smoke bed chamber

4) Movement

 back station half hour past carriage waiting drive minutes cab train started drove hurried standing start ten pulled quarter reached

5) Scared

light window dark suddenly threw looked round sprang forward shadow steps moved darkness thrown figure black sharp lamp standing water

6) Appearance

face eyes features looked dark tall pale thin expression figure lips glance sprang gray colour manner spoke clean angry handsome

7) Case

holmes street sherlock baker call men king address rooms cross photograph smiling laughing working ha afternoon description seldom absolute admirable

8) Murder

28. found man dead body blood left head finally lay drawn knife sign fell round sight blow stick lying clothes thing

9) Abandon

32. man father young found left point true occurred account time view home narrative evidence court single alive witness place general

10)  Stationary

paper note letter read table book st written handed writing papers wrote sheet post write letters simon document slip reading

11) Routine

night morning clock room morrow mrs hour early breakfast bed arrived work late heard twelve change hours hear sleep dressed

Settings:  Number of topics: 50

                 Number of Iterations  1000

                Number of Topic Words 20

                 Stop Words Removed


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