Topic Modeling

100 Topics, 5000 iteration

1. Travel

train station carriage reached line journey cross bridge hurried passing started save ready town body class roof forty ticket charing

2. Writing

paper note letter read handed wrote written writing sheet write book post page began pen pencil slip ran printed torn

70 Topics, 1000 iteration

3. Facial Expression

face eyes looked turned features figure expression raised pale drawn lips mouth milverton grey fixed eager glance angry chin brow

4. Observing Details

examined left side floor round brought showed carefully small examination large wood marks traces lying wooden iron ground fire lower

5. Time

hour half past clock time cab ten waiting quarter work wait late minutes back drive catch eleven immediately presently church

6. Murder

found dead man body blood blow struck knife lay stick head weapon finally wound unfortunate bullet handle lying acted fainted

7. Wealth

house long master servants family butler maid musgrave brunton leading retired county charles missing ritual elderly shadow aroused personal century

70 Topics, 2000 iteration

8. Crime

crime account occurred reason murder true tragedy explanation fact incident murderer committed person disappearance criminal absolute remain probable murdered scene

9.  Country

house front large windows garden standing high houses walk building spot sun small lane round grounds scene evidently lined trees

10. Case

case points point investigation facts find theory solution explanation follow connection fact admit obvious main interest extraordinary problem disappearance theories


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