Topic Modeling

3 topics from 50: (2000 iterations)


night poor happened death met terrible father heard mother dead creature sister died wild dreadful


hand body found round blood dead head lay close shot revolver moment blow fell carried


police case inspector found law hands force evidence official arrest charge quietly court arrested constable

3 Topics from 80: (1000 iterations)


wife woman husband life left love knew child married heart made give lived loved happy


morning night hour work clock train past half time station late early breakfast morrow quarter


set money business hundred week ten work began company earth position pay pounds thousand paid

4 Topics from 45: (1000 iterations)


word short letters words means make message single listened earth men expected true american game


paper note read hand book letter handed pocket written wrote writing put attention drew reading


father young wife son girl family returned boy child married mother poor died lived daughter


eyes face looked dark thin figure features tall voice lips expression pale turned spoke drawn


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