Topic Model

Topics: 50  Iterations: 1000 Topic words: 20.



man doctor told dr explain find advice ill hope doubt nervous sort natural inquiries lies medical due quarters telling blessington

Shoot Out

hand held pocket drew shot revolver give count struck big finger bird feel picked deep huge lay rough human long


man black hair hat red appearance cut broad dress side middle front white brown faced tall clean pair coat nose


man found young dead world body strong blood carried hand knife unfortunate person finally roof drawn wound blow fallen weapon


cried man hands head god heart shook sake face devil hold stand soul sank burst tut jack tore shaking gasped

Medusa In Disguise

instant stone caught eye sprang glass air passed gave direction pointed quick hotel spring green swiftly glimpse blue moment bright


house night place master left scene returned caused servants missing alarm servant connection suspicion long feared discovered view save found


father left met son heard young poor sister returned life told mother died death true mccarthy fate alive month considerable


paper note letter read table book letters box papers handed put wrote written writing sheet write finished small pocket piece


woman lady wife husband life girl maid love child married beautiful loved daughter marriage make ferguson poor mistress women young


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