Sherlock Holmes Topic Modeling

Topics: 50 Iterations: 1000 Topic Words: 20

(Features) man face eyes deep features step dark tall set appearance expression looked eye thin drawn middle figure beard gray pair

(Work) day work days long evening hours home visit morning news week learned spent yesterday returned couple british knowledge information acquaintance

(Bedroom) room window bed night sitting bedroom bell entered half looked floor heard morning dressing lawn finally remained sleep opened alarm

(Crime) holmes inspector lestrade case police friend sherlock yard detective official force arrest scotland evidence remarked opinion prisoner charge constable concerned

(Murder) found man dead body blood person carried death blow revolver attention attempt police examination violence stick finally drawn unfortunate suspicion

(Appearance) black red hair white heavy broad side blue head hand centre cut brown held thick coat faced headed boots clean

(Time) street morning night hour clock baker rooms late friend quarter waiting breakfast small cold sherlock twelve cross eleven early arrived

(Literature) paper note read letter book handed wrote written short post sheet reading writing document slip date importance write envelope client

(Transportation) half past station train back carriage drive cab ten town drove hour started reached hurried minutes passed country journey pulled

(Communication) holmes answer asked men family fresh telegram questions surprise single picture message received tregennis wire remember early considerable order lonely


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