Sherlock Holmes Topic Modeling Lists…

From 75 topics…

Found Corpse: body found lay son blood dead lying knife weapon ran mccarthy moved alive pool wound part head ground examining minutes

Baker Street: street half hour past baker minutes cab quarter waiting wait ten clock glad bound hansom stepped church eleven step men

Examine: left examined found full death examination made carefully marks signs stick finally fire traces showed brought wood burned unfortunate finding

From 50 topics…

Crime in London: crime present case murder night gentleman account tragedy arrest london person appeared caused friends reason discovered committed disappearance charge violence

Holmes in his Room: holmes chair hand sat back turned pipe fire rose arm glanced asked seated shoulder half laid laughed cigar tobacco lit

Murder: man dead hand found lay body blood head struck shot revolver blow terrible knife lying stick death weapon picked finally

From 30 topics…

Bedroom: room door window open light opened entered bed heard key bedroom table closed lamp passage sound steps sitting inside ran

Sudden: suddenly instant face round coming box spring air turned stood forward drawn caught step quick holmes eyes sharp drew appeared

Attack: back cried moment hands head held struck face god carried fell threw cry sake voice creature blood dropped rushed amazement

From 15 topics…

Investigation: case point find matter interest facts friend remarkable singular remarked present fact points curious absolutely cases obvious importance investigation problem

House: room door window light open table round house opened side entered from bed floor large fire led sitting rushed key

Holmes Sitting: holmes hand chair back gave pocket put suddenly answer fellow companion felt laid sort observed pipe cold hat bell answered


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