Sherlock Holmes Topic Modeling – 10 topics

Topics 1-4: number of topics: 25, iterations: 2000, topic words printed: 20, removed stop words

1. CRIME: police man inspector lestrade colonel crime death reason evidence murder mystery affair case present remained criminal force arrest account undoubtedly
2. DEATH:  found end lay dead hand part body long deep lost close blood finally carried showed attention broken shot leaving horror
3. FAMILY: woman wife time father heard husband met save home family understand years day love life sister married mother ago returned
4. MESSAGES/NOTES: paper note read letter word book letters importance handed short written wrote address writing message men find answer write held

Topics 5-7: number of topics: 30, iterations: 1500, topic words printed: 20, removed stop words

5. CHARACTERISTICS (of a person): face eyes man red black white dark looked thin features hair lips tall appearance blue drawn expression pale heavy hat
6. LOVE: woman life knew husband things told wife heart girl poor lady love speak story child mine met began truth loved
7. HOUSE/HOME: room door open window opened entered bed sitting table key bedroom closed sound passage bell corner rushed floor pushed inside
Topics 8-10: number of topics: 20, iterations: 2500, topic words printed: 20, removed stop words
8. TRAVELING: road half back colonel hall found house great carriage dog horse drive town boy drove excellent country king high miles
9. EVIDENCE: paper police note found read made papers attention box letter book save examined brought handed finally crime written small run
10. TIME: night morning day hour doctor work clock station train back rooms morrow past return waiting late returned told evening quarter

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