Sherlock Holmes Stories via Topic Modeling

10 Topics/ 1000 Iterations/ 15 Words Printed

1) Moment of Time: face eyes back cried head turned hands instant moment sat hand woman minutes lay voice

2) Setting: room door window light open long passed house stood round opened front dark night entered

3) Case: case point friend matter crime interest facts london remarkable fact attention singular account strange long

50 Topics/1500 Iterations/20 Words Printed

4) Family: woman lady wife husband life love left boy child nature loved beautiful maid ferguson happy madam women mistress devoted wonderful

5) Money & Worth: business client money england hundred king pounds thousand large set gold photograph paid pay ten give draw fifty ready worth

6) Physical Appearance: man black white hair hat blue heavy red dress short appearance cut fashion thick coat broad brown faced clean beard

7) Unfortunate Murder: death man poor terrible dead heard told creature happened died night life human met devil great wild fate dreadful killed

20 Topics/ 5000 Iterations/ 20 Words Printed

8) Solved Case: found police made night lestrade crime reason evidence place show visit murder finally account death brought occurred london john tragedy

9) Depression: man lay dead poor body professor blood close carried end terrible death struck moment broken shot strange deep long water

10) Relationship: woman lady wife miss life husband house young girl maid mrs st love save gentleman child married sister things marriage


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