Modeled Topics from my Topic Modeling

Topics: 50

Iterations: 1000

Topic Words: 20

1) “Riddle Crime”

london head word man message game shook hudson break moment worth find single order means told companion hands bust probable

2) “Surprise Attack”

morning made found mrs home brought arrived breakfast sitting st city surprised coat attack ready bright afternoon spoken clothes lodger

3) “Infidelity”

woman lady life wife knew husband poor thought heart told girl words maid story love truth child dreadful mine married

4) “Person Description”

eyes face dark looked thin features tall figure expression manner deep appearance heavy blue companion gray glance fixed nose raised

5) “Murder Scene”

found crime death reason police murder attention showed night tragedy dead account evidence violence terrible unfortunate instantly trace murderer committed

6) “Through the Window”

room door window open instant light opened entered bed floor stood rushed sitting key bedroom fell closed lamp ran sound

7) “Footprint Evidence”

end left path water foot feet passed round ran ground mark fall walked track walking edge marks farther grass thumb

8) “Armchair Pondering”

holmes chair sat fire hand rose pipe glanced laid table lit seated sprang cigar smoke tobacco laughed shoulder silence silent

9) “Horse Crime”

colonel boy small horse night lad hand john led heavy missing boots double called straker moor show silver stable half

10) “Written Evidence”

paper note letter read book letters handed importance written papers table writing wrote write sheet post document short pocket held


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