The Hippy’s Guide to Google N-Grams

Hey man. It’s me, hippy man Jim. Here’s a picture of me in my heyday.


These n-grams have me bugging out. I punched in a few words to make this drag Google n-gram show the world the light. N-grams shows “war” and “love” to have very different trends of usage:


Check out how “war” spikes during the two world wars. Also notice how the lines kind of look like an alligator or something. That’s cool.

This chart is really bumming me out, man. This is just another instance of the man bringing down the rest of the world. It just shows how messed up the world has became. “Love” has been on a downwards trend ever since 1920! But everyone I know uses “love” wayyy more than “war”. I would say the only word me and my hippy compadres have used more than “love” is like, “pass” or something…maybe “music”. Hey, maybe I should look up “rock” or “weed” or something. Yeah, this is gonna be so cool.

Okay, check it out:


Look at 1970! That little red spike, that’s me! Yeah, I did it. Don’t let this graph fool you. Just because a word shows up in books a lot doesn’t mean it wasn’t prevalent. Trust me, no stoner hippies were writing about marijuana. That was probably all those liberal school types writing in their books and papers. And some people have the nerve to call them hippies. Who needs em?! Us real hippies weren’t writing about it anyway. We were making the rock happen with the power of grass! That means these trends are intrinsically linked by the weed soaked fingers that caught those rock riffs. If only Lennon were still alive to see these charts. His eyes would burst out his circular shades.


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