Google Ngram: Science and Religion

Google Ngrams is a wonderful tool because you can notice not only the frequency of words in books but the tendency of them as the time goes by. But one thing needs to be kept in mind, some words can be used with different meanings.

For the first graph I chose “Jesus” and “Science”. Over the time the term “science” starts to gain popularity. One of the theories of why this happened is because of Darwin’s publication On the Origin of Species (1859)But at that point science and religion still had a kind of harmony and could still be seen as one field. After 1870 some scientists objected to the involvement of clegymen in the sciences. Consequently this created two different fields and not only one, each having its own experts. Thereat the popularity of science started to increase not being in the shadow of religion anymore.


As time goes by and science starts to emerge and a lot of theories start to take place. For example, “Creationism” and “Evolutionism”. You can notice that “Evolutionism” starts to appear more after 1859 when On the Origin of Species was published. As both theories evolve they start to appear more and more. At the end of the century “Evolutionism” is so popular that it surpasses the mentions of “Creationism” by far. The difference of mentions in this case can show us a trend during the century, for example theories and its popularity making Google Ngrams a great tool for analysis.

Creationism vs. Evolutionism


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