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These graphs show the popularity of certain words that we know today.  I looked up the three words that exemplify music; specifically genres of music which include:  rock, metal, and pop.  Turns out, that pop is the lowest in popularity while metal, and rock were the most popular.  In any case, between 1800-1900 it would make sense that metal and rock would be a lot more popular than pop because POP wasn’t really a genre of music between 1800-1900.  These graphs are really cool because being able to visually see the difference between certain words, make the idea of music genres so much more “real.”  I mean, as someone who loves music, I never really thought about the logistics, and statistics behind how popular a certain genre typically is.    Also, to me, my favorite genre of music is pop, so to see that it really was not at all popular was quite an interesting thing to see.   Between the years 1860-1900 pop made a small incline in popularity, while metal and rock both fluctuated dramatically between 1800-1900.  In 1820, rock had a downfall, but quickly had an incline in the year 1830.  Therefore for about 10 years, rock was not a popular genre of music.  Although, in the years 1820-1830, metal was not a very popular genre either.

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The second group of words that I looked up were words that had to do with movie genres.   Within this graph, it is shown that over the years the genre horror has fluctuated up and down, but remained going in a downward direction from 1800-1900.  While horror was beginning to slowly go down, comedy, and drama also fluctuated but ended up going on an uphill slope closer to the 1900’s.  Between the years 1800-1830; there has been a major, major fluctuation between these genres.   Horror, and Drama both cross over one another in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s as well while drama and comedy intertwined at 1830.  At one point, drama and comedy both were at the same level of popularity and that was in the year closer to 1830.  

All of these datas I have looked at were all so fascinating.  When you think about these words, you never really understand the importance of them.  We say words everyday, but never actually realize or understand how much we really use them, or how much they are really used on an everyday basis.  Not even talking about these genres, but just in the sole purpose of them being used it is incredible to look up data to see what is popular, and the time period they were at their highest peak as well.   

Sammy Harris


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