Book Traces

After learning the signs of what to look for in an older book that may have some old writing in the margins it was like a scavenger hunt. I knew which section of the library to go to. But I did not want to start off knowing exactly where a book was. I wanted to try to use the skills discussed in our lab time. It took a little time because there are some newer notes in older 19th century books. So figuring out what was from a librarian and what was from more recent times took some decision making. I did however end up finding a really good book.



It was a little rough and beat up but I would not expect anything less from an older book. My book was published in 1917 in New York. The publisher was The Century Co.  As you can see from the photo the book was called Heroines of Service by Mary R. Parkman.


The book looked rebound and fixed on the spine, cover, and the pages looked taped back together due to numerous use and touch. I was happy to see all these things from the looks of the book but it was really exciting to see that I found a book based on the appearance. There were marking all through out the book.


There were words written through the book based on the readings about the women and their services and stories. Each section about a woman had different markings. Some passages had words, others had sentences underlined trying to make sense and piece together the stories of these women. Maybe they were trying to figure out how they were all similar or maybe even the differences in these women’s experiences.


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