Tracing Prussian History

I decided to try and Look for marginalia in Books concerning with Prussian history because I am Prussian  and am proud of my heritage. The first piece of marginalia that I found was in a book written in German about Friedrich The II and his rein in Prussia. Though written entirely in German the title is “Aussen und Gedanken, Friedrich von Preussen”, which translates to “Sayings and Thoughs of Friedrich of Prussia” by Frederick. From the marginalia we can see that the person who wrote it was reminding themselves that he was Friedrich The II, because in the title of the boo he is only referred to as Friedrich of Prussia.


Another piece of marginalia was Fining the original call numbers written by a librarian.

IMG_4918 (“The Man and the Statesman; being the reflections and reminiscences of Otto prince von Bismarck” by Otto von Bismarck”)

There were also notes taken like in these Two books where the reader either took notes,  underlined words or phrases or possible blacked out a section so that they could use this later when writing or to make it easier to understand and make stronger connections while reading. In the image below from “Frederic the Great” by  Thomas Macaulay, the reader underlines words and phrases that have to do with why Prussian invasion of Austrian Selisia and also makes a few side notes on where to use this in their work.


Finally, and most undeniably the coolest thing that I found was in a book  called “The House of Hohenzollern”  by Hodgetts,  where someone had paste sections from a newspaper of the inside cover and on the first binding page. In the Articles it talks about how during the end of world war one when the British and American troops were pushing the German boarders in farther they found the Crown of Frederic the Great and a 15 of his personal snuff boxes and it is dated Jan. 6 – 1946.IMG_4923 (1)

post by Josh Wendt


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