Man and Culture BookTraces Lab



While looking through a number of copies of books I finally found one book from 1923 known as Man and Culture. Although this book doesn’t have many pages with writing on them, the pages that actually do have writing on them have a significant amount on them. The previous owner of this book wrote a lot of notes on an important page. This page included a list of the Culture Scheme that relates with Man. It lists the main subjects that each culture should have within it. This includes speech, Material Traits, Art and music, Mythology and Scientific Knowledge, Religious Practices, Family and Social Systems, Property, Government, and War. The previous made stars next to the subjects that I presume he thought were very important. He/she put stars next to the subjects of Speech, Material Life, and Family and Social Systems. Next to Speech he wrote “Sign Tables” and other things but the handwriting is very hard to read so I cant make out the rest of it. Also at the title of the list the person wrote “Human” above “Culture”. Culture is usually different between people in the world. The fact that they wrote “Human” above it could possibly mean that this list refers to the world of humans in a whole, not just a single culture. There is a lot of writing on this specific page and although most of it seems important, most of it is also illegible. Other pages that had writing on them were only underlines of random things or little check marks. They did not seem very important as this page to the previous owner. Considering I found this book under the “Science” section the previous owner could have been either very interested in the topic or was looking up information for a project they were doing at the time.


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