Discovering a Dedicated Wordsworth Fan


In this book, published in 1908, I could immediately tell that the previous owner was very passionate about the works he/she was reading. Even in just the table of contents, we can immediately see his/her fascination with the works he/she was about to read or even re-read. I found myself wondering if the work underlined was his/her favorite, or if the check marks next to certain works meant something significant to him/her. IMG_2793

In thumbing through some of my own personal favorite Wordworth works, I found descriptive marginalia left by whomever else had enjoyed the romantic poems of Wordworth. IMG_2790The writing in this book shows that the person who had previously owned/read this book was very interested in deciphering the true meanings of the writings. IMG_2791Sometimes Wordsworths’ sonnets can be difficult to interpret, but the previous owner shows his dedication in trying to understand what he was reading. IMG_2792The stains in the book also show how invested the person mustve been in what he was reading. IMG_2794I am a huge Wordsworth fan myself, and being able to find interesting book traces in a book that I was interested in reading myself was very exciting. Though the marginalia didnt directly tell me anything about the previous owner, it reminded me alot of myself and the way i read. No matter what i am reading, i am constantly using the margins to clarify what I am reading, even if occasionally i may be wrong. This assignment also excited me with the thought that maybe someday my notes in a book may become something to marvel at.


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