Book Traces




Walking through the second floor of the library, I stumbled upon multiple books that caught my attention.  It was very difficult to find scripture with handwritten marks in it, but after a solid 20 minutes, I came across this lovely book entitled “Seventeenth Century Studies.”


Specifically, I stumbled upon marks such as cross outs, and underlines.  I found this to be exceptionally cool because when finding these marks I began to think to myself “I really wonder who wrote in this book, and how long ago did they actually do this.”  Obviously, none of us know, but it is sure cool.


Seems to me, that whoever was reading this book understood a majority of the book because there weren’t many marks on these pages, but the cool part about it was they underlined sentences that had true legitimate meaning.  “tells us were written beneath the wings of God” – “1646, soon after his arrival in Paris.”  These two sentences exhibit time, and place; as well as information about what the publications were specifically about.



All in all,  really was an awesome experience looking through all legendary old books that were published in such an early time.  Makes history that much more intriguing.  I love history!


Samantha Harris


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