Book Traces

During the book tracing assignment I though it would be a good idea to first try and look on the 3rd floor of the library near the movable stacks. I figured that the oldest books in the library would be on the bottom most floor. At first I looked for books based on year alone and had trouble finding most of them. I then switched my search method to try and find books on certain topics such as music, Shakespearean literature, and old folktales. I found a lot of old books within these categories but none that were between the years of 1800-1900. Most of the books I found were between the years 1920-1960 and a lot had some marginal writing and underlining within them but were too recent to be posted Book Traces. The book I did find though was from 1867. It was one book taken from a catalog of french geography textbooks. There wasn’t much marginalia in the book I found. Not much was in there besides some underlining of a few sentences on a couple of pages. What I took from this though was that whatever was underlined must have been important to whoever was reading this though. I had a hard time understanding what was being said though because everything was in french. Overall though I felt that this was a entertaining and educational assignment.  It let you realize how old certain texts are and what books were in print between 1800-1900.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


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