Jerks Who Owe Me Money

Here is a set of data about the jerks who owe me money, where they are, and how much they owe me. If only they knew that I keep track of these things, then maybe they’d pay me sooner. If anybody has information on these jerks’ WordPress accounts, please share.

Here is a Fusion list of all the jerks that owe me money and how much they owe me. Note: not all images are up to date. I’m not sure what some of these people might look like today:

Fusion Card

This bar graph shows how some jerks ignore my interest rates and hope I just forget about it altogether. Boy, are they wrong.

Bar Graph

And here is a map of all their locations:

Map Screen Shot

They know I know where they live. And I know they know I know. Why don’t they just pay then? Notice Joe Tartolione’s location in the Atlantic Ocean. This is where his GPS ankle bracelet says he is but I know he’s in hiding! I have to acknowledge the possibility of him really being off the coast of Massachusetts, though.

Pie Chart

As shown in the pie chart above, JT owes me the most. He just needed that stupid massage chair. Timmy is in a close second place. He always remembered every answer to the vocab quizzes but can’t remember to pay me back. That was my only quarter, Timmy! You said that every day you didn’t pay me back that quarter, you’d give me another quarter. Now you owe me $1,460. I bet you still can’t blow a bubble, anyway.


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