Visualizing Popular Sitcoms of the ’90s

Using Google Fusion Tables, I explored commonalities between 1990s sitcoms because they all followed a similar storytelling formula. Looking at 10 shows, I mapped out the locations of the settings for each show, finding that nearly all of them took place on the east or west coasts. The pie chart reveals the number of shows per network and the bar graph shows its data points comparatively. What’s most interesting to me is the network view. The connections between broadcast/cable network and series is a more visually engaging way of sharing the information.


Data Cards
Show City and US
Where in the world were these shows taking place?
Number of Sitcoms Across Networks
Number of Shows per Network
Seasons and Main Characters
A Look at Number of Seasons in a Series and Number of Main Characters
Network and Num of Seasons
Connections Between Network and # of Seasons
Network and Sitcom
Network View (Literally) of Series’



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