Spread  Sheet





Bar Graph







Map of Publisher Locations

pie chart



Pie  Chart




Using these visuals to look at the books that are in my top of reading list. I found it difficult to find information (data) easily. It was nice once all of the data was imputed into the spreadsheet. I got a chance to play around with the charts in different ways. I think the next time I do something like this I may try inputting different types of data to find better connections. The data I found was interesting. I read a lot of fiction novels. But it was hard to base it all on that because when I was finding my data some websites gave  5 genres for one book. I also found that the later the book was published the more pages there seemed to be. Which was a cool fact to look at. I feel like my children’s book that I added to my list may of messed that stat up due to the fact it was only 64 pages and had pictures. It was also really a fascinating fact that most of the books were published in either England or New York. I thought that was a unique connection between books that I would of never thought about otherwise. It was cool to see these connections through the visuals and not just the data on the spread sheet. I will be sure to use google spread sheets and the fusion tables. This class has really helped me out since I never heard of these things before and I would of never known that they were available to use.


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