Ghostly Cloud

Arguably the most interesting part about using the tool Wordle was the variety of font and color offered. These attributes can really change the whole feel of the word cloud, and you can even get a sense of what kinda of vibe the story offered by just looking at the font and color. For example, what I used was a scheme of gray, black, and white which offered up the mysterious atmosphere that all Sherlock Holmes stories offer. I had chosen an excerpt, randomly, from the story A Case of Identity, in order to see a different type of Wordle layout. In other words, if one were to use the entire story the most commonly used word that comes up is undoubtedly always going to be “Holmes”. For a different perspective, without just using the great tool on Wordle offers which allows you to filter out certain words you do not want, is why I decided to use an excerpt.

Interestingly enough this method led to a word cloud in which all of the words that are big, seem to be pretty even. Not one word is very much larger than the rest. Not only this but an interesting array of words were also shown because of the small scale I used. For example, words such as imagination, perplexed, red, paper, snuffbox, and sparkled were all words that may have fallen by the wayside if the entire text was used.

All in all, Wordle is a very good tool as it lets you use aesthetics in a very specific way in order to get the person who is seeing the visual get a feel for what the story is about.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.23.15 PM


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