Wordle – The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 2.49.19 PM

     I chose to do this word cloud with The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle at wordle.net, it was much easier to edit the layout, and the tool “Remove common english words” was really helpful, the design would not look so good with words like “the”, “a” and “of”.  The reason why I chose this story is because it is my favorite one, I feel like the outcome was unexpected and exciting.

     There are many different layouts and colors that we can use, each one can give a different point of view by rearranging and highlighting the words with more or less intensity.  The most interesting thing about it is that we can personalize the cloud in whatever way we want, and if you don’t know how to edit -or if you are just feeling too lazy to work on it- you can generate a random word cloud.

     As expected, “Holmes” was the word that appeared the most, after all he is the main character. Next, we have “man”, “hat”, “goose” and “stone”, the frequency of these words shows that they are important to the plot. The fact that “blue carbuncle” did not appear on the cloud surprised me, as it is part of the title.

     To sum up, I feel that this tool is helpful if you want to emphasize the keywords of some history and make it look fun and creative, it is awesome in a visual way. But if you want a deep evaluation of the story, this website won’t be of much help, some really important words didn’t appear on the cloud.


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