The Blue Carbuncle Word Cloud.

The Blue Carbuncle


For this blog post I used the Voyant Tool. If you had no idea what this short story was about, you could kind of get a gist of it from the this word jumble. Seeing that “holmes” is the biggest word in the jumble, the viewer could understand that the story is a Sherlock Holmes story. Considering I have already read the passage, I can say that this word jumble doesn’t really help with the plot. You can get from this that a goose is important to the story due to the size of the word. It was very easy to create this word jumble. All you have to do is copy the url link of the story then paste it in Voyant. The colors of the words sometimes aren’t the best. its hard to distinguish some of the key words and see the small ones. I thought the colors I got were good in a way that you can clearly see them. I also noticed how the big words are more towards the center of the jumble. I believe this means that the more significant words are towards the middle and larger, and the less significant words are smaller around the outside. The smaller words are for more smaller and specific parts of the story. The middle is for the main overview. The only thing I don’t like about this word jumble is that some of the words are sideways which makes it a little more difficult to follow. The word cloud is a nice tool to use before reading an article or story so you can pick out the main points before reading so that you know what to focus on.



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