The Blue Carbuncle

The Blue Carbuncle – SH Word Cloud

The Blue Carbuncle

I used Voyant Tools to make this word cloud and I noticed that goose and geese was used a lot – which makes sense considering the story. Geese – 17, goose – 26. So, this little bird obviously caused a raucous – 43. Also “bird” was used 18 times, so the goose is talked about 61 times. That’s much more than Homes, who came up only 35 times.

I made “said” a stop word because I didn’t think it was relevant…I also almost took out “man” and “holmes” but I realized that the use of ‘man’ says something about the time period and that Holmes, well, he is the main character and there is a lot of focus on his actions and work.

“Man” was used 37 times; the most frequent word. This implies an autonomous feel to the characters described as ‘the man’ – rarely was it used to describe Holmes or another know character. This also shows that woman, women, or female characters are not prominent in The Blue Carbuncle.

“Hat” is also a frequently used word (27) – through the “relative frequencies” tab that charts out the use of the word throughout the story, the graph shows that the word ‘hat’, out of ten sections, was used the most in the second, then first section, and a little bit in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth but never in the seventh, eighth, ninth, or tenth. If we recall the story, in the beginning Holmes and Watson are trying to figure out who the owner of the hat is. Once they have an idea of whose it is, the hat is unnecessary for the rest of the story.


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